HIV, AIDS and sexually transmitted infections - care, support and prevention - AIDS action  

HIV, AIDS and sexually transmitted infections - care, support and prevention - AIDS action

  HIV / AIDS and sexually transmitted infections
  care, support and prevention


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 HIV, AIDS and sexually transmitted infections - care, support and prevention - AIDS action

Practical information for health
workers, educators and community
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Making Sex Work Safe  >  Further reading 
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Further reading

Making Sex Work Safe

Making Sex Work Safe
Commercial sex in context
Developing a policy framework
Strategies for education
Enabling strategies
Safe (commercial) sex
Health and safety for mobile populations and drug users
Making projects successful
Further reading
Key information sources and suppliers




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  Further reading


Chapter 1 

AIDS in the world II: global dimensions, social roots and responses. Mann, J and Tarantola, D (eds), New York: Oxford University Press, 1996

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Chapter 2 

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Live sex acts: women performing erotic labour. Chapkiss. W; Cassell, 1997. 
Chapters Include: Strategic responses on prohibition and Informal Intolerance; legalisations, regulation and licensing; and sex worker self-advocacy




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  Further reading


'Prostitution and the contours of control' In Sexual cultures: communities, values and intimacy. Weeks, J and Holland, J, Hampshire and London: Macmillan, 1996

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International Journal of Drug Policy, Pat O'Hare (ed), London: Whurr Publtshers.


Chapter 3 

'HIV and the sex industry' (Morgan Thomas, R) In Working with women and AIDS: medical, social, and counselling issues.
Bury, J, Morrison V and McLaughlin, S (eds), London: Tavistock/Routledge, 1992

Women and HIV/AIDS: an international resource book. Berer, M and Ray, S, London: Pandora Press/Harper Collins, 1993. Also available In Spanish: La mujer y el VIH/SIDA French: Les femmes et Ie VIH/SIDA and Portuguese: Mulheres e HIV/AIDS

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Peer education and sex workers in developing countries. Wolffers, 1. Indonesia, 1997

Articles in Royal Tropical lnstitute, AIDS/STD Health Promotion Exchange (see Key Information sources) 

Issue 1992/1 was devoted to the theme of sex work and Included:

'Key issues in sex work related HIV/AIDS/STD prevention intervention planning' 

'Positive reinforcement to promote safer sex among clients: India'

'Promoting "condom-only brothels: Thailand'

'Maritza overcomes clients' refusal to use condoms: Dominican Republic' 

'Working towards a "culture of prevention": Mexico' 

'The "Pegacao" Programme for young male sex workers: Brazil' ( 1991/4) 

'Training of bar workers in condom promotion: Ethiopia' (1990/4) 

'AIDS campaigns targeted to sex workers' clients: The Netherlands/Germany' (1990/2)

'Project to train sex workers as peer educators: Cameroon' (1989/4) 

'Prevention materials for male and female sex workers: Brazil' (1989/4) 

'El Callao project holds materials design contest among sex workers: Peru' (1989/3)

'Design and implementation of an education programme to prevent AIDS, for and with a group of prostitutes in El Callao, Peru' (1988/4) 

'Albion Street Centre provides testing and counseling for sex workers and drug user: Australia'  (1989/3) 

'PROCETS education programme for sex workers: Dominican Republic' (1988/3)

'Reaching the hard to reach: bringing the programme to the audience: Kenya' (1988/2)

'Police distribute leaflets to sex workers: Switzerland' (1988/1) 

'A community PAR approach to HIV/AIDS prevention among sex workers' (1996/3/4)

'Famous soap opera actors work with sex workers: Brazil' (1993/3)

Chapter 4 

Three year stint at Sonagacht: an exposition 1992-1995, an STD/HIV intervention programme. Newsletter of the Sonagachi project Available from: 132/1 Kavert House, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Calcutta, West Bengal 700 873, India

Innovative experimentation in AIDS education to eunuchs (all). Available from: Dr P Krlshnamurthy at State AIDS Project (Cell Society), 417 Pantheon Road, Madras, TamIl Nadu 600 008, India

'When sex is a job: an interview with Chantawipa Apisuk of EMPOWER' In Learning about sexuality: A practical beginning. Zeldenstein, S and Moore, K (eds), New York: Population Council, 1996

Income generation schemes for the urban poor for NGOs. Oxford: Oxfam Publications

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Practical Issues in HIV testing. London: AHRTAG, 1994 [out of print] 'Promoting sexual health' in AIDS Action Issue 22, London: AHRTAG, 1993

'All about STDs' in AIDS Action Issue 26, London: AHRTAG, 1994 

'Rights and respect' and 'Income generating schemes' in AIDS Action Issue 33, London: AHRTAG, 1996

'The sex industry' in AIDS Action Issue 15, London, AHRTAG, 1991

Chapter 5 

Making it: a woman's guide to sex in the age of AIDS. Patton, C and Kelly, J, New York: Firebrand Books. In English and Spanish.

The workers handbook. Sex Workers Outreach Project. Available from: Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO)

Sexe a moindre risque. PASTT. illustrated booklet for transgender sex workers In French. Available from: PASTT, c/o AIDES Federation, 23 Rue de Chateau Landon, 75010 Parts, France

'One world, one gender: report of the 1996 International Conference on AIDS' (Gorna, R) In Journal of the International Associatton of Physicians in AIDS Care, Vol 2 no 10, October 1996.




Making Sex Work Safe    91  Page 92  93  top of page

  Further reading


Chapter 6 

TAMPEP materials: 
Leaflets about AIDS and hepatitis B, venereal diseases and condoms and lubricants, available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Polish, Czech, Bulgarian and Russian.

Comics: 'Augusta's Way' In English, 'Dicas & Jeitinhos' In Portuguese, 'Dichos y Diretes' In Spanish. 

Cassettes about AIDS prevention available in Polish, Czech, Russian, Bini, lbo, Pidgin, English, Akan and Portuguese.

Two leaflets for transsexuals and transvestites: the first covering hormones, silicone, transgender operations and condoms; the second about venereal diseases, AIDS and Hepatitis B. Available In English, Portuguese and Spanish; Thai in preparation. 

Folder about contraception in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Comic folder 'Advice on security at work' In the series 'Augusta's Way'.

Leaflet 'General advice on security at work', available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Russian and Bulgarian. Booklet about AIDS and STD In Serbian-Croat and Albanian.

Material for peer educators 'Love and care for yourself'.

TAMPEP reports and materials for migrant sex workers in Europe are available from Prostitution Documentation Centre (see Key information

Siren's Story
Available from: Scarlet AIlIance

Crossing borders: migration, ethnicity and AIDS. Haour Knipe, M and Rector, R (eds), London: Taylor and Francis, 1996

National AIDS Bulletin, AFAO AvaIlable from: Australian Federation of AIDS Organisatlons (AFAO)

AIDS, drugs and prostitution. Plant, M (ed), London: TavIstock/Routledge, 1990

Youth reaching youth implementation guide: a peer programme for alcohol and other drug use prevention. 
AvaIlable from: National Resource Centre for Youth Services

Trafficking in women: forced labour and slavery-like practices in marriage, domestic labour and prostitution. Weyers, M and Lap-Chew, L, Utrecht: Foundation against Trafficking in Women, 1997 

Chapter 7 

Community action on HIV: a resource manual for HW prevention and care. Aboagye-Karteng. T and Moodie, R Fairfield, Macfarlane Burnet Centre for Medical Research, 1995

'Making progress' in AIDS Action Issue 32, London: AHRTAG, 1996 

Community HIV prevention handbook. UNAIDS. Available from: UNAlDS, CH 1211 Geneva 27, Switzerland.

Report of the European Symposium on health and the sex industry. Network of Sex Work Projects, 1994

Making sex work safer: a guide to HIV/AIDS prevention interventions. GPA/WHO (unpublished)

'Effectiveness and coverage of sex-work interventions in developing countries' in AIDS/STD Health Promotion Exchange, 1992/1

Partners in evaluation: a handbook for community-based programmes with local communities, Feuerstein, M T, London: Macmillan, 1986

Review of best practice for interventions in sexual health, Gordon, P and Slelgiltholme, C, 1996 Available from: Department for International Development (formerly ODA), Health and Population Office British High Commission, 50-M Shantipath, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 21, India

Guide for working with commercial sex workers: experiences from Calabar, Nigeria. AlDSTECH, Family Health International, 1992

HIV/AIDS project planning for NGOs. Huddart, J, New Delhi: UNDP Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific, 1992

Effective HIV/AIDS activities: NGO work in developing countries. Report on the collaborative study. London: UK NGO AIDS Consortium, 1996



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