HIV, AIDS and sexually transmitted infections - care, support and prevention - AIDS action  

HIV, AIDS and sexually transmitted infections - care, support and prevention - AIDS action

  HIV / AIDS and sexually transmitted infections
  care, support and prevention


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 HIV, AIDS and sexually transmitted infections - care, support and prevention - AIDS action

Practical information for health
workers, educators and community
carers on HIV, AIDS and sexually
transmitted infections covering care,
support and prevention.

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Men's sexual health matters  >  Introduction 
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Men's Sexual Health Matters

Working with men
Starting work with men
Effective approaches
Sexual development and function
Common sexual problems
Resources and organisations




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Learning about how men's and women's bodies work can be fun, as well as informative.

Sex is an important part of everyone's lives. Whether a person is sexually active or not, their sexual health and sexuality affect their life.

There are many organisations and groups across the world that provide information and support to promote happy and healthy sexual and reproductive lives. Most of these focus on women's needs. Many boys do not to learn, for example, how women's bodies develop or how contraception works. Family planning clinics are usually used by women. Many men would like to talk about sex, sexuality or relationships but find it difficult. Men often have concerns about how their body works, but do not know where to find information. 

This publication provides practical information for people who are working with men on sexual health or would like to start working with men. It looks at ways of engaging men in discussions about sexual health and sexual responsibility, and men's role in reducing the incidence of unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and sexual abuse.

What is in this publication? 

This publication includes: 


information on sexual health issues that concern men


exercises to support working on sex and sexuality with men


strategies for working with men on sex and sexuality, with examples from Africa, Asia and Latin America


basic information on men's bodies, growing up, what happens during sex, keeping safe during sex, and other concerns that men face.

When Healthlink Worldwide started collecting information for Men's sexual health matters, it became clear that very little information existed. However, there are many people - both men and women - who are doing interesting work and producing materials. On page 45 some of these materials are listed. If you have produced materials or know of any others which you have found useful, please contact Healthlink Worldwide so that more people can learn from your ideas.




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