HIV, AIDS and sexually transmitted infections - care, support and prevention - AIDS action  

HIV, AIDS and sexually transmitted infections - care, support and prevention - AIDS action

  HIV / AIDS and sexually transmitted infections
  care, support and prevention


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AIDS action
Caring with confidence
HIV and safe motherhood
HIV testing
Making Sex Work Safe
Men's sexual health matters
Steps to making sex safer
HIV/AIDS Resource Pack

 HIV, AIDS and sexually transmitted infections - care, support and prevention - AIDS action

Practical information for health
workers, educators and community
carers on HIV, AIDS and sexually
transmitted infections covering care,
support and prevention.

Source International Information Support Centre
International Information
Support Centre

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Men's sexual health matters 
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Men's Sexual Health Matters

This publication was produced in 1998. It provides practical information for people who are working with men on sexual health or would like to start working with men. It looks at ways of engaging men in discussions about sexual health and sexual responsibility, and men's role in reducing the incidence of unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and sexual abuse.


Men's Sexual Health Matters

Working with men
Starting work with men
Effective approaches
Sexual development and function
Common sexual problems
Resources and organisations





bullet 1  Working with men
bullet What is sexual health?
bullet Why work with men?
bullet2  Starting work with men 
bullet Finding out about men and sexuality
bulletACTIVITY Understanding men
bulletACTIVITY Enjoying sex
bulletACTIVITY Men's beliefs about sex
bulletACTIVITY Three-way role play
bullet Improving communication
bulletACTIVITY Talking about sex
bullet Sensitive issues
bulletACTIVITY Working on sensitive issues
bulletACTIVITY Preparing to deal with disclosure of sexual abuse 
bullet3  Effective approaches
bullet Creating the right environment
bulletACTIVITY Understanding other people
bullet Support groups
bullet Men and health services
bullet Different men, different needs
bulletACTIVITY Me and my father 
bullet 4  Sexual development and function
bullet Sexual response and sexual feelings
bullet Sexual development and puberty
bulletACTIVITY Reviewing your sex life
bulletACTIVITY Changes during puberty
bullet Sex - safe and healthy
bullet Genital care and hygiene
bulletACTIVITY Contraceptive methods 
bullet 5  Common sexual problems
bullet Loss of desire
bullet Physical disability
bullet Penis and erection problems
bullet Ejaculation difficulties
bulletACTIVITY Ejaculation control
bullet Problems with testicles
bullet Prostate problems
bullet Infertility
bullet Sexually transmitted infections 
bullet Resources and organisations




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