HIV, AIDS and sexually transmitted infections - care, support and prevention - AIDS action  

HIV, AIDS and sexually transmitted infections - care, support and prevention - AIDS action

  HIV / AIDS and sexually transmitted infections
  care, support and prevention


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AIDS action
Caring with confidence
HIV and safe motherhood
HIV testing
Making Sex Work Safe
Men's sexual health matters
Steps to making sex safer
HIV/AIDS Resource Pack

 HIV, AIDS and sexually transmitted infections - care, support and prevention - AIDS action

Practical information for health
workers, educators and community
carers on HIV, AIDS and sexually
transmitted infections covering care,
support and prevention.

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International Information
Support Centre

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Subject Index of articles and major news items

Subject categories


Blood safety




Clinical Care


Development and Socio-Economic Issues


Education and Prevention Strategies


Health Workers' Training and Education


HIV Testing and Counselling


Home and Community Care


Human Rights


Opportunistic Infections


Project planning - CARE


Project/Programme Management and Evaluation


Safer Sex


School based Education and Work with Youth


Sex Workers' Education


Self-help Groups/People living with HIV/AIDS






Workplace Education

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WR = World Health Organization Report (last published in issue 12). 

top of subject indexBlood safety

Blood Programme of the League of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies 
Blood safety 
Life-saver or blood-sucker? 
Safe blood and safer sex 
Screening blood donors 
Steps to making the workplace safer 
Strategies for safe blood 
Testing positive (blood donors) 
The blood trade: at life's expense 
The Zimbabwe experience 

top of subject indexChildren

Breastfeeding and HIV 
Breastfeeding, breastmilk and HIV WR
Caring for children 
Caring for children (South Africa) 
Children, HIV infection and AIDS 
Diagnosing HIV (in children) 
Diagnosis: a clinical dilemma 
Health precautions: disposal of placenta 
Risk versus benefits (breastfeeding) 
Uganda: paediatric AIDS 

top of subject indexClinical Care

AIDS and the traditional healer 
Anti-HIV drugs: no magic bullets 
Caring at home 
Children, HIV infection and AIDS 
Clinical case definitions in developing countries 
Diagnosing AIDS and symptomatic HIV infection in adults 
Diagnosing HIV (in children) 
Diagnosis: a clinical dilemma (children) 
HIV and AIDS: fact not myth 
HIV vaccines on trial? 
Slow progress against HIV 
The clinical symptoms WR
Uganda: paediatric AIDS 
What does adult AIDS look like? WR

top of subject indexDevelopment and socio-economic issues

A positive response 
Back to basics (AIDS and PHC) 
Building a house of health (integrating AIDS with urban PHC) 
The high cost of the epidemic 

top of subject indexEducation and prevention strategies

A few facts 
Attracting attention: posters 
Behaviour change - by the community, for the community 
Being open, educating others 
Better sexual health 
Bringing it to life: puppets 
Caring talk saves lives 
Check your attitudes 
Check your facts 
Children, HIV infection and AIDS 
Clean needles save lives 
Explaining the nature of the virus that causes AIDS 
Faith, hope and chastity (marital fidelity) 
Health education: guidelines for action 
HIV fact sheet 
HIV transmission 
How to write clearly 
Keeping safe, feeling healthy 
Leaflets: key facts 
Learning all together 
Learning through games 
Making good connections 
More than a health issue (Tanzania) 
Moving pictures 
Much more than information 
Pictures for learning 
Preparing for the `big day' 
Producing pictures 
Promoting sexual health 
Putting it into practice 
Questions and answers 
Questions and answers from Sierra Leone 
Reaching people behind bars 
Reaching women and men 
Routes of transmission of HIV 
Running AIDS workshops 
Steps to success in teaching and training 
Taking prevention to the people 
Talking about our bodies 
Talking about sexuality 
Talking about tradition 
The 2nd International Symposium on Information and Education on AIDS WR
Using audiovisuals in health education WR
What works best? 

top of subject indexHealth workers' training and education

AIDS: everyone's task (learning through games) 
Building a house of health 
General guidelines on cross-infection control in the dental surgery 
Getting together to talk about stress 
Guidelines for action 
Guidelines on sterilisation and high-level disinfection methods effective against HIV WR
Health workers need support 
Learning through experience 
Lessons for life 
Our fears about HIV 
Running AIDS workshops 
Sex: a sensitive issue 
Skin protection 
Special Programme on AIDS WR
Steps to success in teaching and training 
Talking about sexuality 
Towards better counselling 
Towards healthy working 
Training makes a big difference 
Understanding HIV 

top of subject indexHIV testing and counselling

A family commitment 
Care for the dying 
Common sense and sensitivity (testing logistics and ethics) 
Counselling hints: using condoms 
Counselling in HIV infection and disease WR
Dealing with difficult issues 
HIV testing in rural hospitals 
Keys to counselling 
Safe blood and safer sex 
Support for safer behaviour 
Taking counselling and care into the community 
Talking about sex and disability 
Testing positive (blood donors) 
Tests: discrimination or discovery? 
Tests: terminology and types 
The 'bar of soap' test (HIV Check) 
Towards better counselling 
What leads to good counselling 
What to tell someone who has AIDS 

top of subject indexHome and community care

Building on tradition 
Care for the dying 
Caring at home 
Caring for children (South Africa) 
Community support (Thailand) 
Diarrhoea and AIDS 
Eat healthily, stay healthy 
Home and hospital 
Home care training guidelines: courage, compassion and care 
Oral signs of AIDS 
Risk attraction 
Skin protection 
Steps in setting up home care 
Support for home carers (India) 
Taking counselling and care into the community 
Taking prevention to the people 
'We have the right to live and die with dignity' 

top of subject indexHuman rights

Breaking the silence 
Building solidarity (Costa Rica) 
Challenging discrimination in India 
Challenging stigma and discrimination 
Human rights and homosexuality: on the front line 
Human rights are everyone's rights 
Not just a rabbi's responsibility 
Overcoming prejudice (Brazil) 
Policies in solidarity 
Prevent HIV, promote health and human rights 
Radical response (gay rights in Mexico) 
Right to know 
Rights and respect 
Rights and risk reduction 
Second class citizens (women) 
Standing up to stigma 
Strategies for action 
The face of AIDS in Brazil 
'We have the right to live and die with dignity' 
Why some organisations will not be attending the largest international conference on AIDS 

top of subject indexOpportunistic infections

Common fungal infections in HIV disease 
Common infections 
Coping with dual infection: HIV and TB 
Diarrhoea and AIDS 
HIV and the nervous system 
HIV infection and drug research WR
HIV-related diarrhoea 
Oral signs of AIDS 
Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia 
Respiratory infections and HIV 
Skin conditions common to people with HIV infection or AIDS 
Tackling TB and HIV (whole expanded issue) 
Treating HIV infection like an STD 

top of subject indexProject planning – CARE

Allocating resources 
Coping with the burden 
Drugs for dealing with HIV 
Steps in setting up home care 

top of subject indexProject/programme management and evaluation

All in a day's work 
Approaching evaluation 
Behaviour change - measured by the community, for the community 
Building on success 
Collecting information (monitoring and evaluation) 
Control strategies 
Cooperation and coordination 
Dirty water kills us, not AIDS! 
Doing it our way 
Evaluating AIDS health promotion WR
Facing AIDS in Costa Rica 
For our mutual benefit WR
How to plan a project and apply for funds 
Involving people: project plans 
National Programming: the Zimbabwe experience 
Policy and practice 
The challenge of partnership WR
The national planning process WR
The role of NGOs in national AIDS programmes WR
Uganda: an AIDS control programme 
What have we all been doing - and have we been doing it right? 
What is the Global Programme on AIDS? WR

top of subject indexSafer sex

A basic guide to safer sex 
Are condoms safe? 
Argentina: safer sex 
Communicating sexual health 
Condoms and cucumbers 
Counselling hints: using condoms 
Giving people more choices 
HIV and safe, healthy sex 
How to sell safer sex 
Media messages for safer sex 
Preventing unwanted pregnancy and infection 
Quality and proper use of condoms 
Safe blood and safer sex 
Talking safer sex 
Two condoms safer than one? 

top of subject indexSchool based education and work with youth

A day in the life of Gente Joven (Mexico) 
Action Magazine on AIDS (Zimbabwe) 
Back to school: Peru 
Condoms and cucumbers 
Educating youth WR
Home from home: helping street children in Bogotá 
Join the Club! 
Knowing where to start (street youth) 
Lessons for life 
Media messages for safer sex 
Sex education in Cameroon 
Songs and drama 
Surviving the streets 
Taking health promotion to the streets 
Young people first! 
Young people take action 
Youth and AIDS WR
Youth to youth (peer education) 

top of subject indexSelf-help groups/people living with HIV/AIDS

A family commitment 
Action in institutions 
Being open, educating others 
Bringing about change 
Challenging discrimination in India 
Educator and activist 
Exploring attitudes and feelings 
Identifying our strengths 
Making a living 
Positive images 
Positive involvement 
Self-help groups 
Self-help or support? 
'Skilled educators, not teaching aids!' 
The Northwest AIDS Foundation, Seattle 

top of subject indexSex workers' education

Bekele and the bar women 
Deadly serious humour for the `Go-Go Girls' 
Doing it our way 
How to sell safer sex 
India: driving the message home 
Male sex workers: reaching out 
The sex industry 

top of subject indexSTDs

All about STDs 
'All part of the service' 
Consultation on STDs as a risk factor for HIV transmission WR
General guidelines on diagnosis, treatment and prevention of genital ulcer disease 
Reaching women and men 
STD diagnosis and treatment 
STDs: guidelines for management 
STD management at primary level 
Treating HIV infection like an STD 
'What have you heard about STDs?' 

top of subject indexWomen

African women against AIDS 
Deadly serious humour for the 'Go-Go Girls' 
Identifying our strengths: women in Zimbabwe 
Interview with HIV positive woman in New York 
Second class citizens (human rights) 
Women, HIV and AIDS 
Women and AIDS: current knowledge WR
Women meet with women (self-help groups) 

top of subject indexWorkplace education

AIDS is everybody's business 
Consultation on AIDS and the workplace WR
Haiti: Beauty parlours and health promoters 
Haiti: educating factory workers 
India: driving the message home 
Prevention: who pays? (India) 
Solidarity is a big enterprise (Brazil) 
Work against AIDS! 
Ze Cabra-Macho does it safely


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